Subir & Sujata's Happy Story

Posted By:: Subir Mojumdar On: 03 August, 2023

March 2023 Me & Sujata both of our profile was on CMR Weddings . We met on CMR Weddings  . Seeing the profile of Sujata on this portal I sent a chat request on her profile , & near about after 10 days sending of my chat request , I got one reply on my chat box  of my profile in this portal (CMR Weddings)  from Sujata's profile , that Her Guardians wanted to meet with My Guardians , & at that time I got the Sujata's Guardian's contact numbers on my profile  chat box of this portal which were served by Sujata's Guardians to my Guardians. My guardians communicated well  with Sujata's guardians in several  & after an well communication & well understand between both of our family , our guardians fix a date for our marriage in June 2023 .

Sujata & Me , we both are really grateful to CMR Weddings  , because after registering  our profile in this website , we came to know about each other & we got married . Finally I am Subir , one thing  I want to say that I have found " MY GREEHA LAXMI " by the help of this website CMR Weddings . Now we have found our happy life , so our all thanks to CMR Weddings.