About Us

CMR Wedding is a leading online matchmaking platform in India, aimed at helping people find their life partners. Established in March 2023, it quickly gained popularity and is now gearing up to launch a new website, www.cmrweddings.com in August 2023.

The short form "CMR" stands for CLUB MANGROVES RUP WEDDINGS, managed by M/S CLUB MANGROVES, a certified organization headquartered in  West Bengal, India ,{( Adisaptagram Adcconagar, Trishbigha, Mogra Hooghly, West Bengal, Pin-712121 ) GSTN --- 19EAVPG6177F1Z1 } Despite its local roots, we serve users across India, making it convenient for people to find their ideal matches.

Since its inception, CMR has attracted a large user base throughout India, all of whom have expressed satisfaction with the platform's services. The company's success is attributed to its dedicated workers spread across different regions of India, ensuring quality service delivery.

The upcoming launch of CMR Weddings reflects the company's commitment to providing even better matchmaking experiences for its users. By simplifying the website address, CMR aims to make its services more accessible and recognizable to users.

In essence, it signifies a reliable and trusted platform for individuals seeking life partners in India, with a promise of continued dedication to customer satisfaction.

So without wasting any time, register yourself at CMR Weddings and match a perfect life partner for yourself.