Kakoli & Kuntol's Happy Story

Posted By:: Kakoli Sannyal On: 03 August, 2023

Hi , I am Kakoli , & I remember that day when my GUARDIANS  were very much worried about one very nice GROOM for me . It was July 2023 , one day my maternal uncle came to our residence & listening every thing from my parent he said about one matrimonial website named CMR Weddings . I quickly registered myself in the portal of CMR Weddings as my uncle & parent said . It was a magical matter of my life that after registering in the portal of CMR Weddings best bengali matrimony website, I got many more matrimonial matches for my marriage within max to max 15 days . Me & my parent came to know about the profile of KUNTOL from the site of CMR Weddings . Seeing the profile of KUNTOL from CMR Weddings me & my parent were became spellbound , because KUNTOL is very very handsome , belonging from a standard family , & well establish personality . He is a C.A. ( Chattered Accountant ) . Using the CHAT system of this website both of our family GUARDIANS came to know each other & finally I am KAKOLI got married with KUNTOL . In an evening of AUGUST 2023 I got KUNTOL as my HUSBAND . I am very much happy with KUNTOL & our all thanks to CMR Weddings HEARTLY .