Sourav & Somrita's Happy Story

Posted By:: Sourav Sarkar On: 03 August, 2023

It was April 2023 .  One day in the morning ,  my father was on tea table & addressing  me said that he got a very nice matrimonial groom for me from CMR Weddings . My mother asked to my father " CMR Weddings ? What is it "  ? My father answered to my mother that CMR Weddings is a matrimonial Website for searching a good groom for marriage of our daughter . After that my father also said to my mother that a few weeks ago he had created my profile in CMR Weddings to search a good groom for me & he got one very nice" RISHTA "  for me from CMR Weddings . Showing one profile & photo my father  said to my mother & me that " in the evening they were coming to our residence to see me . That day in the evening  they had come to our residence & it was an memorable evening for me . Sourav had came to us with his Father , Mother & Elder Sister & Sourav was looking Very Very Handsome . I came to Know that Sourav is one R.B.I.(RESERVE BANK OF INDIA) Employee . Both of our family well talked that evening & finally the conclusion is that  we got married . In bengali " SHUBHO PORINOY " . I am Really Happy With Sourav  , he loves me very much . Me & Sourav our all thanks to our GUARDIANS & our all thanks to CMR Weddings .